Broadstairs, Kent: Visit to a classic English beachside town

Justin out crabbing with buddies. The tide change here is severe, about 100 yards of sand and rocks – all chalk and flint – appear at low tide. The young kids all have what look like butterfly nets which they use with ‘bait bags’ of bacon to catch small crabs.

The sand was deep and damp. Perfect for digging. Jordan dug a shoulder depth hole, then filled it in with him inside. He had a heck of a time getting his legs free.

Jordan playing with Anna and Emma singing in the Four Candles Alehouse. Folkweek inspired them. There was music being played throughout the town. They also sang at a morning poetry session and out on the street – busking. They made 16 pounds with the hat out.

A week with friends. Gigi was happy, she had a lot of girls to hang out with. Laura was our hostess, her daughters are Anna, 16, and Emma, 13. Emma had her friend Natasha along, too.

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