Paris – I Can’t Be Sick! My Girlfriends Are Here!

Back around December, Gigi put out an invitation for friends to come visit us when we would be in Paris for a week. Much to her delight, two different pairs of girlfriends, one pairIMG_4182 from Los Angeles and the other from Redwood City, decided to take her up on the offer. We all arrived on the 21st. The first night, Debbie and Lynda crashed on the sofa bed in our tiny, 6th floor attic flat (Imagine Linguine’s apartment in Ratatouille) before moving into their own Hotel. It was wonderful having them with us. The next day, we met up with Sheila and Shelly in a falafel restaurant in the Marais district. Justin was so excited to see Sheila. Sheila’s son Shane is Justin’s best friend. I think he really wants Sheila to take him home with her at the end of the week.IMG_4249

The day our arrival in Paris, Gigi began feeling congested. She and Justin have had many IMG_4233issues with allergies in all these new environments we have been sleeping in, and she was hoping it was just that. Unfortunately, it was not. She sounded horrible on Friday and in spite of the freezing weather outside she did the walk to the Marais that day. Friday night she sounded awful. She was pounding vitamins and Vitamin C. Luckily, no fever developed and after a full days rest on Saturday it seemed her cold was abating.

Gigi is getting some much deserved adult girlfriend time away from us. So far, she has had two dinners out with this troupe and gone antique browsing in Saint Ouen’s Marche des IMG_4235Puces with Sheila and Shelly. She still has two days with her girlfriends. We all leave Paris on Thursday, they for California and us for London.

Our whole family has enjoyed having friends from California to talk to and spend time with. It feels like we have doubled the size of our family for a week. Such a short time!

3 thoughts on “Paris – I Can’t Be Sick! My Girlfriends Are Here!

  1. How fun for you guys, I can’t believe you get friends to come and visit you in Paris, and I can’t even get any to visit in Mammoth :( I guess I need to go to Paris.

  2. And you’ve got visitors, on top of that? I’m really jaleous and wish I were there with you all ;-)
    Hugs to all and pleaaaaase, eat a big load of croissants for me…

    (my sister’s last name is Schwach, in La Defense) send me an email and I’ll tell you the #

    • Sorry I missed this message Marianne! Bob posted the blog when I was sick and I didn’t even know about it until a couple of days ago. We had a great time and, YES, wish you were with us! It was very cold in Paris… snowed almost every morning but didn’t stick. Brrr! Hugs to Mark and the girls!

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