The Louvre and Nintendo – Virtual/Real Synergy

The weather continues to be poopy. Gigi is feeling better and was out today with her friends Sheila and Shelly roaming the antique arcades of Saint Ouen. Today was definitely IMG_2532museum weather, so the boys and I took the 10 minute walk to the Louvre. The ticket line was not too long, but by the end both of them were starting to complain about standing so much. Argh! We had not even gotten into the museum. Sigh. What saved the day were the Louvre-Nintendo 3DS XL audio guides. (I only rented devices for them, apparently I felt supremely confident that I already knew everything about the Louvre’s 35,000 items) These devices immediately engaged the boys. They became the navigators of the museum. Pick a piece and immediately get the route to it and estimated journey time. They listened to the explanations of the artwork. They manipulated statues displayed in 3 dimensions on the 3DS screen and zoomed in on paintings on their screens, all the while standing in front of the actual piece of art. We put a good dent in seeing what the Louvre had to offer – the Egyptian rooms, Italian art, giant French Republic period pieces, GreeceIMG_2538 and Roman sculpture. However, after 4 hours, probably a record time of sustained, non-Mind Craft focus for the boys, we packed it in and went back to the apartment. Tomorrow, the Musee d’Orsay.

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