Justin has lost 3 teeth this past week

All molars on the right side. He has two more loose teeth. This is putting economic pressure on the tooth fairy as the euro to dollar exchange rate has been rising and is now 1.37.

6 thoughts on “Justin has lost 3 teeth this past week

  1. Congratulations!
    I know that you are currently in Italy, but in France it is not the tooth fairy that brings money: it is “la petite souris”. I wonder what it is in Italy?

    • Hi Marianne! He lost another one in Amsterdam last week! So, now he has 4 big holes in his mouth. He got lucky…the tooth fairies in Amsterdam bring 2 Euros :) Now we are in Paris staying in the 1st near the Louvre in this cool attic apartment with a sleep loft. Small but has a lot of character and overlooks Eglise Saint-Roch.

  2. This is soooo cool. Will read in detail when kids r sleeping. Great to see and read about ur adventures. Bon continuation. Gros bisous
    With love
    Anita and fam

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