And Now for Something Completely Different….

As we walked through Arlanda Airport on the way to our flight to London, we came upon a unique sight right in the middle of the terminal.  A fish pedicure!  You put your feet into a tank of tiny “Piranha-like” fish who munch on your feet and clean them of all the dry skin and calluses. Eeeewwww!  The boys really wanted to try it and, I have to admit, I was curious too.  OMG!  That tickled so much, I could barely stand it.

The little fish did a good job because our feet felt really smooth afterwards!  I don’t think you’d ever find this in the USA. Check it out at

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I guess I am the dreamer in the family and possibly the "schemer". It was kind of my idea for this big adventure but it didn't take too much persuading to get the rest of the family on board.

5 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different….

    • Neither did I. It was a complete double-take as we walked through the terminal. What the heck were those people doing with their feet in a fish tank….? I

  1. Oh ! this is soooo cool! These are cleaner fish, right? I can imagine myself getting a pedicure while pretending I am a giant parrotfish…
    So many cool experiences for the kids.
    BTW, when do you start the homeschooling thing? I’m really wondering how you would find the time to do that….

  2. Hi Marianne! The lady said they were related to the piranha. It is so ticklish! We start homeschooling in September when we get to France. We have been doing bits along the way with lots of reading and journal writing. Hoping to settle down a bit in September.

  3. Hi! Another friend of mine is with her family on a boat trip for a year or so…. Just wanted you to know that it is inspiring seeing families who have “unplugged” from the matrix of comfortable, suburban life. I am holding that somehow, someday I will give that to my family too. Keep posting!

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