Rituals: It’s Three O’Clock. Time for Ice Cream.

We have found that afternoon ice cream is an important ritual for our boys. They look forward to this, and we have been very consistent about finding them a dairy treat each afternoon. When we arrived in Sweden, we found that 3:00 coffee/tea was quite common. Our boys have their afternoon two scoops in a waffle cone. This might seem indulgent, or fattening, or whatever. Or, you might say, “I wish I could do that, too!” The treat comes in many versions: soft serve with sprinkles, cold stone creamery-creamy, gelato, frozen case prepackaged cones or bars. Sounds tempting, no? All good, as long as you don’t need to worry about your waistline. Our boys sure don’t need to worry about extra calories.

Everything we are doing seems to be unique and new. We have been moving quite a lot. Think about where we are sleeping. At home, boys had the same beds in the same room for a year and a half now. In the last month, they have slept in 7 different beds. Wake up time is variable. Each day we are doing new and different things. No schedules to be beholden to. Ice cream in the afternoon is an anchoring constant (And perhaps the high probability that salmon will be on the menu for a meal).

I am sure that finding more rituals to observe will help us to maintain our balance on this trip. Right now, we have afternoon ice cream.

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