My Day in Stockholm – By Justin

Yesterday, We went to the royal palace and I saw the king of Sweden’s crown, I also visited a candy cane store, and went on a boat ride. The king’s crown is in a treasury. The king’s crown is in his palace down 5 flights of stairs in a glass case. The king’s crown is red and gold. The candy cane store sells a lot of candy. The candy cane store even makes the candy. The candy cane store has a lollipop bigger than a tennis raquet. The boat ride was about famous places and things. The boat ride was an hour. The boat is called Hop on/Hop off. I liked the crown the most.

4 thoughts on “My Day in Stockholm – By Justin

  1. Those candies look de-licious! I cannot believe the size of that lollipop. Who knew they could make candy that big?!? I bet that crown was spectacular. I am imagining that it is extremely heavy with all those jewels and ornaments. I wonder how much it weighed? Good thing I’m not a king; I’m not sure I could balance a crown on my head for very long.

  2. Yes! Everytime we walked passed the place it was “Oh mom, PLEEEEAAASE!” The good thing was that a lady was giving out bite sized samples and they got a little treat without having to buy a whole candy cane. That lasted for about..5 seconds.

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