And Our Final Breakfast Outside the States is…McDonald’s ?!?!

It is a bit ironic that we should finish up the trip eating at McDonald’s. We never eat McDonald’s at home; we don’t like its food at all. However, we just did not want to eat another hotel buffet breakfast, and so as we left the New Station Hotel this morning with empty bellies the first place we saw for eats was the McDonald’s across the street from the train station. Egg McMuffins and milk sounded better than a bowl of noodle soup. Jordan surprised us by ordering a Fillet O’Fish sandwich. This was my mother’s favorite thing to IMG_2771eat at McDonald’s when I was young. He wolfed it down, then ordered a second. Justin was able to order pancakes, and ate his whole meal and ordered a second milk. McDonald’s turned out to be the right choice for this final breakfast overseas. Somehow during the meal we got to talking about the nutritional value of McDonald’s food, and Gigi mentioned the movie about the guy who only ate McDonalds for a month.  That would be the movie “Supersize That.” Jordan was very intrigued about how someone could make a movie just about eating McDonald’s food. Somewhere during the discussion, he exclaimed as he looked at his second, half-eaten Fillet O’Fish, “I’m feeling fat.” Want to feel fat? Try eating noodle soup twice a day for a week. Very tasty at first, but it starts to build on you. I don’t know how the Japanese stay so skinny.  Could the answer be that they don’t eat it twice a day?

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