Night Market – Deep Fried Scorpions

IMG_7028Tonight we went across the street from the Kapok Hotel where we were staying to have some Peking duck (or Beijing Duck as it is called here) in a local restaurant. I had found the restaurant the day before when taking Justin for a Subway sandwich. A nice gentlemen started speaking with me about the best duck on the street and told us to come back and try. Well, we did come back later that evening and we all loved it!

IMG_7041We ordered a whole duck and two vegetable side dishes.  The boys went crazy over the little pancakes and enjoyed slathering the hoisin sauce all over everything.

After dinner, we took a 5-minute walk down Donghuamen Street to get to the pedestrian walk on Wangfujing Street. We wanted to check out this pedestrian shopping district to see how it compared to Nanjing Street in Shanghai. On the way there, we were surprised to find IMG_7038a night food stall market on Donghuamen selling all sorts of bizarre street food. The stalls that really surprised us were selling deep fried silkworm cocoons, crickets, snakes, and scorpions. While Jordan was munching on pot stickers, Justin told me he wanted to try the scorpions. Seriously?                           Ok, I ordered a skewer with two scorpions; the man deep-fried them and I munched the first one down. Hmmm, it simply tasted salty and crunchy. Justin did not hesitate and munched his scorpion down. Granted, they were pretty tiny, but they were scorpions! We ate scorpions! We both had big smiles on our faces and knocked knuckles. This was real father-son bonding.

IMG_7046IMG_7062Later, we found another street food area in a small alley off Wangfujing Street, and here the scorpions were wiggling on the sticks. They were impaled, but still alive. Justin asked if we could have another round of scorpion!


This kid will not eat tomato sauce on his spaghetti or anything spicy, but here he is begging for scorpions after one taste. I told him we could come back tomorrow night and eat them. He also wants to try the grasshoppers and crickets.  Besides the scorpions, there looked to be plenty of tasty food on skewers to try out. I am still contemptating trying the silkworm cocoons. Maybe notIMG_7039

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