Visa For China? Oops!

Feeling very lucky and grateful that I had the presence of mind this morning to click the “Travel Documents May Be Required” button as I was printing our tickets for China.  After all the countries we visited this year, HOW could it not occur to us that we needed a visa to enter China!  So, three hours later after filling out over 30 pages of forms and printing copies of all of our passports, hotels, flights, contacts, etc..we rush down to the Embassy and prayed we could get an “urgent” order – we leave on Thursday!  We had been warned that the China Embassy was very disorganized and we could wait for hours.  To the contrary!  We were greeted at the entrance where our documents were reviewed for completeness, given a computer generated queue number, and showed to the waiting area.  We were number 3 in line and out of there in 20 mins.  And, our visa would be ready at 9am in the morning! Downside…urgent processing fee cost an extra $100 per visa – ouch!  I guess it could be worse…loss of all the deposits and air fair costs if we couldn’t get to China.  So, Bob and I breathed a sigh of relief and did a little “high 5″ as we left the building.  Great team work even if our brains were on autopilot.

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