Justin – lost another tooth

Justin has lost 6 teeth this year so far. The latest one came out on the Singapore Airlines flight from London, somewhere over Afghanistan I think. He had to wait until the next evening in Singapore, when he could sleep horizontally, to put the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. The next morning, he had two singapore dollars and a red dragon fruit under his pillow. I guess that is what the singapore tooth fairy leaves for teeth here. Another  tooth is very loose. Perhaps this week we will see what the Sri Lankan tooth fairy leaves children. We are leaving for Singapore tonight.

Common tooth fairy gifts in countries we have visited: USA – dollars only. very uncreative. France – 2 euros and croissant. Norway – 5 kronor and basket of Valldal strawberries. Sweden – tub of lingonberry jam and 5 kronor. Italy – 2 euros and bag of pasta. United Kingdom – 2 pounds and bag of fish and chips – grease very nasty on the sheets, actually.


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