Acupuncture – I can walk without pain again!

Out of desperation, I tried acupuncture while in Blackheath. My lower back was in terrible shape. It started hurting in Amsterdam, and in Paris I was in real pain. I can only assume the long days driving in the car over the previous few weeks threw it out of alignment. I started taking ibuprofen in Paris and used a back pain patch, but that just made it bearable. By London, the pain was intense again. I could barely walk. The afternoon at the Tower of London was awful, I was shuffling and limping like an old man. I was extremely worried that this would go on for the rest of the trip, I was in my second week of misery and not feeling at all that whatever was wrong was going away. There was an Osteopath/Acupuncture sign over a herbal medicine shop on the main street of Blackheath. I went in asking about Osteopathy, I assumed it must be something like what a chiropractor does. The woman said I needed acupuncture, so I tried it. I felt immediately better after the first session. I went again the next day, and felt further improvement. The pain was totally gone, but I had to watch how much I walked because my back would start to fatigue – not really pain but a feeling of weakness. I went a 3rd time on Monday. By this time I was back to my normal gate when walking, and could actually move quickly, for example when crossing a street. Even after the long 13 hour flight from London to Singapore, I arrived in Singapore with my back feeling fine. I am a convert to acupuncture now! It really healed my lower back problem.

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