Innsbruck – I smell sushi!

We finished a long day’s worth of driving from Lucca, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria. This began a leg of our trip where we would be doing a lot of driving and staying in hotels until IMG_3876we got to Amsterdam. Innsbruck was cold, around -5C in the evening. Still, we took the 20-minute walk from our hotel into the old town center to find a restaurant for dinner. The entire way in Justin was demanding that we eat sushi. I thought, “Hey, were in Innsbruck, no way we will find a sushi restaurant.” In France they use pigs and dogs to find the hidden fungus called truffles. To find sushi anywhere in the world, we have Justin. We were wandering the old town, and sure enough he spots a sign for a sushi restaurant. The vote was 3-1 to eat Japanese that night. I was the ‘no’ vote. The restaurant was Korean-Japanese, and I continued my protest against Japanese food by ordering a Korean dish. All were happy with the meal.

We left first thing the next morning. Not much to our layover in Innsbruck. The drive out, IMG_3909however, was spectacular. We had blue skies and a fresh coating of snow on the land as we headed for Neuschwanstein in Germany.

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