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We are a family of four from Northern California on an adventure of a lifetime.  We left our lovely suburban home, wonderful friends and family, and adored pets to go around the world in one year.  After clearing out the house, taking care of our various responsibilities, and saying good-bye to our loved ones, we set out from Los Angeles to Stockholm, Sweden on July 5th, 2012.  On this journey there’s Bob, “Dad and Teacher”, Gigi, “Mom and Aspiring Artist”, Jordan (13), “Musician and Athlete”, and Justin (9), “Explorer and Friend-Maker”.

The route is not well planned – on purpose – we have a “sketch” as our Swedish friend, Per, would say.  This is an adventure after all.  From Sweden we are off to London for the Olympics and more visits with friends and then to France where we have a one-year residency permit.  After a few months in France we will most likely go to Italy.  We are debating about where to spend the winter but the goal will be to head east sometime in March 2013 and explore Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other wonderfully exotic places.

Many people thought we were crazy to pick up and go like this.  Others were envious and had dreamed of doing something similar.  Yes, it was hectic and stressful as we prepared to pull away from our very scheduled and secure life. However, our view is that life is too short to not follow your dreams.

The plan is to keep this website up-to-date with details of our journey through pictures, videos and regular blog posts. Please follow us, share your stories about the places we are going, and provide any suggestions on where to go and people to see. We’d love to hear from you.  We would also love visitors along the way!


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am green with envy! I look forward to hearing more and seeing your photos. There are so many Cisco (and ex-Cisco) folks who would be happy to help you find a spot in Asia Pac when you are ready to go. One of my dearest friends just moved from London to Singapore on a similar “journey” as you four but he and his wife are working – and love their new jobs as well as the change of scenery. All the best for a happy and healthy holiday season!

    • Thanks Karen! It is so nice to re-connect with you. Have a wonderful holiday as well. Will look forward to seeing you when we get back to the states :)

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