The Dordogne

Our cottage in Meyrals. The lovely Les Jardin des Amis.

After leaving the Mortagne au Perche region, we headed six hours south to the Dordogne region of France.  This area is known for many things, most notably, Fois Gras, walnuts, and Cro-Magnin Man.  The last of which being the reason we came to this area in the first place.  The area is filled with caves of pre-historic art dating back 30,000 years as well as medieval castles perched high on limestone cliffs.  It is one of the most amazing areas to explore because of it’s beauty and rich history.  We had only planned to be here for 8 days but extended for another 4 days because there was so much to see and do (not to mention the comfortable cottage with three floors and a swimming pool).  We have been to the Lascaux II cave to see the most amazing works of art. I taught this lesson in our Art in Action curriculum for first grade for both boys and it was wonderful to see these in person with them. Even though they were copies, the experience was completely breathtaking.  When you imagine that Cro-magnin man created these works of art in caves with limited space and only flickering candle light, it truly is amazing.  The light from the candles must have created such movement of these creatures painted on the walls.  We also visited Font de Gaume to see the real thing.  We are lucky to have been able to do this as only 40 tickets are sold each day and the cave is scheduled to close for good in the next few years to protect the paintings.  We also visited the Sarlat Saturday Market and got ingredients to make a delicious paella, went canoeing on the Dordogne river past medieval towns, went horseback riding in the valley, spelunking in the Gouffre de Padirac (awesome but scary at times) and walking on a pilgrimage trail through the village of Rocamadour to see the “Black Madonna” and Chateau perched high on a limestone cliff.  Happened upon a hot air balloon take off spot and stayed to watch them inflate and take off into the sky. We have also hung out in Les Eyzies for an afternoon tea break and have had fun exploring the lovely little village of Meyrals where our cottage is situated.  Highly recommend this area!

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