Foie Gras: To eat or not to eat?

A small foie gras farm operation where the geese get to live outside. If we buy foie gras, we will buy it from a farm like this nearby.

Different people may see this question as dumb from different perspectives. For the serious foodies…duh…of course we should be eating fois gras. The Perigord is the epicenter of fois gras. The little cans and glass jars with goose liver packed in goose fat are ubiquitous. All the perigordian prix fixe menus start with fois gras as the appetizer. Yet, I have not ventured past a small taste of the brown, creamy stuff at a vendor’s table at the Sarlat Saturday market. Perhaps because I have been on the other side of the question. No one I know eats fois gras. It is even banned in restaurants in my home state since this July. Which if you think about it is a prime example of over-legislating and fawning to special interest groups like PETA. Silly politics aside, it just sounds weird eating distended goose livers. Animal organs are just not my thing, nor Gigi’s. However, after much caucusing with Gigi about this, we have decided we just cannot leave the area without buying a few cans of fois gras. Something to bring out when we are doing some special entertaining with friends and we want to show them how refined our palates are. ‘Perigord fois gras? Mais oui! Only the finest for our friends! Bon appetite.”

3 thoughts on “Foie Gras: To eat or not to eat?

  1. I like it! I like lamb and veal too. But as of late, I’ve decided I don’t eat baby animals anymore. So I’ll extend that to big birds that are tortured. Oh well, I think I can learn to live without. Chopped liver is still good though and, to me, tastes just as good as fois gras.

  2. Whow dudes! We LOVE foie gras!!!! Bring me some, pleeeaaaaase…. Also, Can’t believe you went to my parent’s village, Montignac. You should have called :-( Did you try the Lascaux, the walnut cake?
    Hugs to all

    • Hey Marianne!
      Don’t know if any foie gras we buy will make it around the world and back to California…sorry! We are finding out that goose foie gras is the ‘good’ stuff. Seems most foie gras outside of the Dordogne is duck/canard. We did a taste test at the marche in St. Cyprien to see what the difference in taste was, the street vendor insisted on educating us.
      We drove through Montignac twice, once coming into the Dordogne and again when we visited Lascaux II. Very pretty. We shopped at the huge Intermarche on the south side of town.
      Hope all is well with everyone, say hi to Mark and the girls

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