Justin’s Blog: Life in the Cotswolds

Life in the Cottswolds has been very enjoyable. I have been in the Cottswolds for 3 weeks now. I spent my birthday here.

Mom made me a coconut and lime cake in the AGA oven. For my birthday lunch, I had 2 California rolls at a sushi restaurant called Soushi in Cirencester.                                                               I had a lot of time to hang out here. I watched movies, played on my iPad, and watched more movies. The house has a big back yard. We could play cricket and badminton, and fly my helicopter. We went on a lot of walks. We saw and petted horses. We walked among cows and calves on the Commons. Thanks Stuart and Glynis for letting us stay at your wonderful house!

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I guess I am the dreamer in the family and possibly the "schemer". It was kind of my idea for this big adventure but it didn't take too much persuading to get the rest of the family on board.

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