Salmon. Salmon. Salmon. Let me count the ways…

Can I get sick of salmon? Maybe, but not yet. Not that I want this to be a foodie blog, but food is fun to write about, and it is one of the easiest parts of a culture to identify. My family has always enjoyed salmon, and Scandinavia has to be one of the salmon lover’s Meccas in the world. Here are some of the ways we have eaten salmon this month:

Grav Lax. Had this for lunch today on French baguette with sweet dill mustard sauce. This is a favorite of Jordan’s. Grav Lax is salmon cured with sugar, salt and dill. The sweet mustard sauce – hovmastersas – is a required compliment to this fish

 Smoked salmon. Had this for breakfast today with tomatoes on bread at the youth hostel. Actually, it was a bit too salty.

 Salmon teriyaki. Had this for dinner last night. We have been avoiding the ‘S’ word – sushi, not salmon – because it is what Justin would only want to eat. We finally could no longer avoid it. We took a break in Karlstad on our way to Norway, and just happened to park across the street from a sushi restaurant. Now, Stockholm has several sushi restaurants, but Karlstad? There were 8 Japanese people eating in the restaurant, always a good sign. The sushi chef was a woman, which Gigi noticed immediately. First time Gigi has ever seen a female sushi chef, oh so Scandinavian. Salmon featured as the prominent sushi fish.

Here are some other ways we have eaten salmon, not in the last 24 hours:

Grilled salmon fillet. Jan bought a whole, farmed Norwegian salmon for 40 Kr/kilo, which is like $3.00/pound. We filleted it and put one side of it on the BBQ with minimal spices.

Per’s Norwegian Salmon Packets

Salmon packets on the BBQ. Per has this thing for eating food that does not require plates. He loves to serve fish and chips in newspaper cones. This salmon is a Norwegian dish, Per explained to us that hikers would make the packets, carry them in their backpack and grill them over a fire for a meal. You take a piece of salmon, salt it, add dill and chopped veggies – in this case parsnips, carrots, onions, zucchini, asparagus – double wrap in tin foil making a packet and grill on BBQ. Skin side of salmon is down. Simple, but really good, and the veggies carmelize. Eat it out of the tin foil.

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