It’s like another Yosemite around every corner!

Our trip from Andalsnes to Geiranger and back. Starting at 10am and returning at 9pm, just in time for the Olympic opening ceremony.

On the road to Andalsnes where we would stay the next few days

The road to Trollstigen – a World Heritage site – 11 switchbacks on the 1,600 meter climb

Viewing platform from top of Trollstigen. Glass panel at the front allows you to see below – all the way to the valley down the face of the mountain. The boys loved it – I didn’t

At the top of Trollstigen on the way to Gieranger to catch the fjord ferry

Where we ate lunch before heading to Geiranger. This is called the Golden Road and is another World Heritage site

The little town at the top of the fjord is Geiranger, a popular fjord destination. We hung out here for a few hours before getting the ferry. Lots of small shops and restaurants – it was a beautiful day to walk around.

The weather changed as we started down the fjord. It didn’t matter as we were all loving the site

Mysterious and majestic – it was like going back into Viking times as we travelled through the waterways. We even had dolphins following the boat for a while. Small ancient farms dotted the hillside. How anyone could live there let alone raise animals and grow grain was beyond belief. Many were abandoned in the 50′s and 60′s and are now maintained by a national trust.

View Jordan’s video of our trip at

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I guess I am the dreamer in the family and possibly the "schemer". It was kind of my idea for this big adventure but it didn't take too much persuading to get the rest of the family on board.

2 thoughts on “It’s like another Yosemite around every corner!

  1. Just spectacular photos of what is truly a majestic place. I’ve never been to this part of the world and it’s such a treat to get a tiny piece from the Luke blog! Thanks for sharing these stories – what a fun escape you are providing! Isaac and I are excited to check the video next! Hugs from San Carlos.

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