Eugene Amtrak Bathroom

Eugene Amtrak Bathroom

Remember that viral video about a month ago where the little kid crawls under the bathroom stall door and starts talking with the guy sitting on the toilet…

I was wearing my street clothes on the train, so I had to change for my ride. I took my bike into the bathroom. There was a long mirror on the wall above the 3 sinks, and the two toilet stalls did not have doors. I put my bike on the back wall and intended to change in the fall stall. I used the Koala baby changing table as a shelf to get my bike gear out of the bags. As I was about ready to change, a little boy comes strolling in alone into the bathroom. Just the two of us.
‘Why aren’t there doors on the toilet?” He asked me.
“I really don’t know.”
‘What are you doing?”
“I’m changing for my bike ride.”
“Why is your bike in here?”
“It has all my stuff.”
He goes into the next stall to do his business, I go into my stall and start undressing. I am down to my underwear.
‘I see you. I see you in the mirror.’ I look across the narrow room and the little dude is in the mirror, on the toilet, staring at me. I go deeper into the stall and press against the wall.
“I see your socks.” Good for you, little dude. I make a rapid change into my riding shorts and feel I am now in safer territory.
‘Hey, your bike has two water bottles. You drink while you ride?” “I can ride with no hands…with training wheels.” “Do motorcycles have water bottles?” “My name is Brian _____.” “I don’t know my telephone number. I try every day, but I don’t know it yet.” “I am good at climbing…”
Twice his mom calls into the bathroom.
‘Brian, answer your mother.’ He just keeps talking.
Finally, after 10 minutes we are both on our way out the door. I’m changed and my bike is packed.
‘I am six years old.”
‘Brian, I am 56 years old.’ Pause.
‘Hey, we both have sixes in our ages.”
See you Brian, have a nice trip.

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