Portland Day 6 – Klamath Falls to Eugene on Amtrak; ride Eugene to Corvallis

Portland Day 6IMG_7536
Amtrak Train from Klamath Falls to Eugene
Ride Eugene to Corvallis: 45 miles
Ride time 3 hrs
Duration: 3:30

“Oh Oregon, you never disappoint with your shitty weather”                                                     - Chris M, Southern Oregonian

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees in Eugene. Today, when I stepped off the Amtrak train it was 55 degrees and raining. When I started my ride last Sunday, the weather forecast for this weekend was one day of rain. Now I am being greeted by 3 days of rain. Perfect timing. 80 degrees and sunny yesterday…. Oh Oregon!

I woke up 6 am this morning in my monk’s cell of a motel room to the screeching plumbing of the neighbor’s shower. Overcast and a few raindrops on my 10 minute walk to the Amtrak station. Train left on time, bike stowed in baggage car. I was annoyed that the conductor assigned me a seat next to another person, even though there were many, IMG_7523 IMG_7518 IMG_7514many empty rows. It turned out to be a good thing. My seat mate, Chris M., was a young guy who had been on the train since Chicago, 4 days. He was getting off in Eugene to visit college friends. He was ultimately on his way to Hong Kong to be with his girlfriend and find work. We had a great time talking. He is an avid disc golf player, loves to read books, has travelled a lot. We had commonalities, like chasing a girl to another continent. He even got his disc bag out and showed me his discs. I taught a disc golf elective at my old Middle School.




As we crossed the Cascades, the weather was dreary looking – light rain, fog turning to whiteout, and snow on the ground. If I had biked this stretch on this day, I think I would have been hypothermic. The Amtrak was a good call.

I got off at the Eugene station and wished Chris good luck. I changed into my riding gear in the station bathroom, putting on just about everything I brought – rain gear booties and rain jacket, both neon crossing guard yellow. A McMenamin’s restaurant was just across the Willamette river, so I went there for lunch (if you don’t know IMG_7522McMenamin’s, you have never been to Portland most likely). When I came out of the restaurant, it was not raining, but it was really dark overcast. I followed a pre-loaded ridewithgps route to get me out of Eugene on bike paths. The first few miles were on a wide, smooth bike trail running along the Willamette. I had my phone in a plastic ziplock, which made the screen even much more difficult to read, even though today I was wearing my bifocals. Well, once out of town I did not need the gps because I was taking only two roads to get me to Corvallis – Coburg road and Peoria road. Easy peasy. Nicely paved and striped, wide shoulder, little traffic, NO SEMIS.IMG_7529

Coburg road and Peoria road. Easy peasy. Nicely paved and striped, wide shoulder, little traffic, NO SEMIS. After Coburg the sun actually came out and I to

ok off my rain jacket. Perfect riding weather actually. The roads has already dried out. I made my best average mph day of the whole trip. The last hour the skies darkened again and I had to put my phone back in its ziplock and put on my rain jacket, but the rain was so light the road just soaked it up. Into Corvallis by 6:00.

This is really the first town on the trip I have the energy to explore on foot

IMG_7542so I am out and about. Going to visit the two McMenamin’s here, and I have to finish at the Angry Beaver.


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