More Small World Anecdotes from Bali

Who would have thought…. finding in a house in a rice field in rural Bali that we would be talking about skiing in Obertauern, Austria with our fellow house guest? Turns out that Regina, the German woman who is staying in the studio apartment in the house used to go skiing in Obertauern every winter. Anybody else out there ever HEARD of Obertauern, Austria?

Who would have thought…that the principal of the Green School Bali taught my cousin’s son in Middle School in Arcata, California…AND that he grew up in Sherman Oaks, the zip code/neighborhood next to Studio City, where I grew up. The bus I took every day to Milliken Jr. High went past the High School he attended, Notre Dame in Sherman Oaks. One of my best friends attended NDHS five years before Andy.

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