Friday December 15th: Sunshine after the Deluge

We woke up this morning to sunshine and blue skies and very mild temperatures. I opened all the doors and windows of the flooded rooms to let the sunshine and air in to

This was my breakfast spot in the sun this morning. No jackets needed even with all windows and doors open

help with the drying process. The kitchen floor was again wet with a few puddles and water snaking along the grout lines of the stone floor. The hallway is still a pond to be traversed on the board. The property manager came by to check on the house and told us this was not an uncommon state for the house after such a storm. The boys and I got out for some air and exercise. We walked up to the boulangerie to get a baguette for lunch, made a haircut appointment for Jordan this afternoon, then continued up to the castle ruin. The boys were back in T-shirts at the top with the warm sun and absence of the chilling Mistral wind. Today is a beautiful day for drying out after a storm’s drenching.


Jordan on the castle battlements relishing the day



Justin being cool on one of the castle ruin walls. This castle once belonged to the Grimauldi family, the family that rules Monaco today

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