Paris – Au Revoir to the Renault Kangoo

After 163 days or so and 14,023 kilometers, we have bid farewell to the Kangoo. The car was sturdy, roomy and decently comfortable. We received no traffic or parking tickets. WeIMG_4054 got around 800 kilometers to a tank of gas. It lacked power and the diesel exhaust really stank. These issues with the car were of our own making: putting gas in the tank instead of diesel, not having our credit  card work in the toll road booth machine and the machine ‘eating’ our ticket, being in France and having to listen to the WORST radio stations on the planet while driving, pulling out of a parking place and hitting a tree, playing chicken with cars on narrow roads in rural France, trusting TomTom to be an infallible guide, scratching the back bumper two times, pulling out of an Italian gas station without paying and then spending an hour getting back to that gas station to pay, IMG_1808putting regular water in the wiper tank in Italy and having it freeze in the Alps and Germany, driving down a snow covered driveway without chains and having to get pulled back up with a tow rope. Not bad after 14,023 kilometers of driving.

The drop off was easy. We left the car at the same place we picked it up in September. The Renault Eurodrive person was not in the least concerned what state the car was in, which is part of the fully-insured service. Just turn the keys in and sign a paper. Take the metro back to the apartment.

No one was sad to see the car go. I think we are all a bit tired of the driving we have been doing the last few months. However, now that we have lost our pack mule, we IMG_2308are back to carrying all of our stuff. That is a topic for another blog…